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As a coach I design my programs under 4 main pillars that any athlete at any level of any sport requires to compete.

Strength – Power – Speed – Agility

Personal Training

Team Training

Defensive Backs Training

Rubén Contreras Salazar

Passionate about sports since childhood, specially american football and athletics. 34 years competing as an athlete, 15 years as a coach. 
From a young age I developed a passion and ease for business. My parents taught me strong values where I learned that great challenges come with a long road of hard work and discipline, which gave me the foundation to achieve success in my professional career. 
Sport has helped me in all aspects of my personal and professional life.
Now through duck4 performance I want to share my passion, experience and knowledge with the ones who pursue something more than average. 

Ruben Contreras

Why to train with me

Since I was a kid I`ve learned to deal with difficult situations, but there are 3 prime attitudes that helped me in life to be successful as a businessman and as a coach.Discipline, Commitment & Consistency. And thats exactly what I want to transmit and share with my athletes. What I teach to my athletes is the integral process of success, of how to deal with all the difficult situations that any activity in life requires to get it done. I intend to teach all the small steps you have to pay tribute to in order to get everything you want. Any goal, any wish, any dream is achievable only if you execute the proper actions and steps.

Lets make it happen together.

I help my athletes abroad with the
advanced Strength and conditioning software


“Ruben is an intense, inspirational, & motivational guy. He’s full of energy & can bring a ton of excitement into the room with high high level of energy. Really enjoyed working with him & hope he comes back to visit soon!”

Coach Aaron Piper

Michael Johnson Performance Center

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